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When you work with Dash, you work with one local mortgage coach who stays by your side from start to closing, streamlining every step of the process. Epic Notion was tasked with adding creative flare and attracting the masses to this rising star.

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How We Helped

The Challenge

Lead the charge of a mortgage revolution and make it fun.

The old clunky home financing model is cumbersome and has not accounted for changes in technology. The team at Dash Home Loans knew there was a better way and set off on a mission to build a new kind of mortgage business founded on both modern technology and quality customer service. To disrupt an old industry with this new vision, Dash turned to Epic Notion to develop a brand image, visual identity and online presence that would turn heads.


Finding a voice to match the vision.

It all started with a branding workshop where the Epic Notion and Dash Home Loan teams came together to define the “why” behind the Dash vision. From taglines and points of differentiation, to core values and elevator pitches, a new brand voice was formed.

Visual Identity

A fresh makeover for a stale industry.

Through the use of custom illustrations, modern design and appealing photography, the team at Epic Notion worked with Dash to achieve a perfect blend of playfulness and professionalism, capturing the essence of the brand’s unique identity.

Web Development

A home loan website that customers actually want to visit.

We broke the mold for mortgage websites. From hidden ‘Easter Egg’ videos on the home page and cartoon illustrations throughout, to sassy comparisons to the old sucky ways, Dash put a new spin on an old stale service. Don’t let the fun fool you though, the Dash website and their streamlined mortgage process is steeped in modern tech. 

SEO Strategy

Climbing the search engine ranks and keeping the pipeline full.

Starting fresh with a new brand required an aggressive SEO strategy that attracted the right attention from the right prospects. Keyword research, content creation, technical SEO, link-building and more resulted in a steady pipeline of qualified prospects.  

Number of Keywords Ranking in Positions 1-3 on Google

Monthly Website Traffic

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