Passion and grit to do epic shit

A talented team of thinkers and doers fueled by a common desire to make a positive impact on our clients, our colleagues and the world around us. 

What fuels us

Vested partnerships that create meaningful results.

We want what you want. A reliable partner, not just a vendor. An extra person rowing your boat, navigating the currents and pushing things forward – together, as a trustworthy extension of your team. We believe the most fruitful client / agency relationships are deeply relational, not adversarial. They are rooted in the human connection with shared goals and ambitions, not ego.

At Epic Notion, we’re boutique-sized on purpose so that we can be selective in the clients we serve while delivering unparalleled customer service. Our team supports each other while holding each other accountable, knowing when to have fun and when to hunker down. We believe in listening, learning, flexing and caring – a lot.

That’s the big idea… our epic notion.

Nimble to work how you work

We flex and adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Whether driven by shifting trends or pesky competitors, our plans will always be scalable, collaborative and tailored to meet your most pressing needs.

Creative to inspire positive change

At our core, creative problem-solving is what we bring to the table. We will always be proactive with relevant ideas that actually fuel the bottom line. And problem-solving and learning? That happens every day.

We care. A lot.

We hire passionate people and equip them with the tools they need to thrive. Our team of talented go-getters genuinely care about the impact of their work, both in the office and on our clients’ business.

Our approach

Passionate about our work, empathetic in our approach.

Your brand story is uniquely yours, so preset packages and one-size-fits-all approaches are out of the question. Our approach to marketing in the digital world is far more customized, combining the traditional art of storytelling with leading-edge digital activation to not only engage the right audience but to inspire them to move in your direction.

Many agencies are hesitant to make promises. We’re not one of them. When it comes to client engagement, we believe in a vested partnership approach and we’re not afraid to put things in writing.

In the community

Supporting the organizations and communities where we call home.

From fundraising for cancer research to recognizing the efforts of minority business leaders, our desire to spark positive change extends beyond our office walls.

Our core values

Adventurous with a purpose; to learn what works and to fuel what matters most.

Founded in 2007, Epic Notion set out to fill gaps that our founders recognized when working with and for other agencies – lackluster ideas and clumsy execution. Too many agencies sit back and wait for clients to feed them ideas and projects and then when it comes to execution these same agencies are often too small or too large to meet their needs. Worse yet, is when a client is pitched by the A-team only to be left working with the B-team (or worse). This is not Epic Notion.

We pride ourselves on being proactive in both communication and ideas, undertaking each project with a custom approach tailored to the unique needs of each client. We’re selective in choosing who we hire and the clients we commit to serve. In doing so, we can maintain a tight-knit and highly talented team who share a passion for producing inspired work for the clients we’re proud to support.


Think we're a fit?

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Careers at Epic Notion

Our people are the rockets, we just provide the launchpad.

At Epic Notion, our most important asset is our people and we treat them like family. We build each other up and challenge each other to reach further, whether brainstorming ideas for a new campaign or holding that pose just a little longer at team yoga.

Interested in joining the team? Visit our Careers page or get in touch.

Why join us?

  • Funding for skill development
  • Team building events and out-of-town retreats
  • Social outings with family and friends
  • Peer-to-peer learning sessions
  • Profit sharing and spot bonuses
  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Extra paid time off for Christmas
  • Volunteer and philanthropic opportunities
  • Commitment to work-life balance
  • Hybrid work schedule with in-office and remote days
  • Leadership and growth opportunities