Carolina Pest Management

Since 1939, this family-owned business has been serving the Charlotte area. When the decision was made to pursue new growth, Epic Notion was chosen to guide the marketing effort.

How We Helped

The Challenge

Leveling the playing field to outshine the big local leader.

Carolina Pest Management built an amazing reputation within the communities they served and our mission was to extend that reputation into their online presence. However, the existing website was not highly ranked on search engines and website traffic was not converting into quality leads. To add to the challenge, a well-known local competitor was dominating the search engine rankings. Carolina Pest Management needed a marketing strategy that could level the playing field without breaking the bank. 

SEO Strategy

Rocketing to the top of search engines for high-value keywords.

Thanks to an aggressive SEO and content marketing strategy, Carolina Pest Management climbed to the top of Google search results in less than a year.

In addition, the right audiences were being attracted to the website, setting the stage for better lead collection and sustained customer growth. 

Monthly Organic Website Traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization

Better leads at a lower cost provided a win-win for the bottom line.

Sophisticated SEO combined with lead conversion improvements on the website drove a substantial increase in monthly leads, while lowering the cost per lead to just $6 while the industry average hovers at nearly $50. 

Monthly Total Leads

Competitive Analysis

Surpassed local market leaders to capture more eyeballs.

Ranking high in search engines for the most relevant keywords is crucial for attracting the right audience to your website. Climbing to the top of search and surpassing local market leaders in the process is exactly what Carolina Pest Management achieved.

Click Estimates Based On Keyword Rankings

Brand Recognition

Brand-building paves the way for opening new markets.

When Carolina Pest Management wanted to expand their footprint into new suburbs, Epic Notion supported the effort with digital marketing, local optimization and branded content. As a result of this brand-building effort, customers in new markets were more likely to engage and moved through the sales funnel faster and more efficiently. 

Monthly Direct Traffic To Website

The Result

Congrats to the Carolina Pest Management team!

The team at Epic Notion is proud of the partnership we had with Carolina Pest Management and would like to congratulate them on the sale of their company to a large national brand.

It’s been a pleasure being part of your 80+ year journey! 

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