6 Reasons Why You Should Be Utilizing Social Media For Your Business

Back in the day, social networking sites were mainly used as a way for people to share photos of their “blunder years,” update statuses with angst-ridden song lyrics and post peer-led surveys that, like the last few pieces on a roll of toilet paper, are short but still provoke questions of “why?”

These days, however, the way we use social media has changed. Yeah, sure, we still share photos we’ll probably cringe at later and we might post a chain-survey for fun (“10 bands I’ve seen but one is a lie” on Facebook, anyone?) but we’re also connecting with others, especially brands, like never before. Now, we’re able to speak with businesses (or representatives) easily by sliding into their DMs and interact with ‘em by using hashtags, geotags and direct tags. We can also connect with our favorite companies on a more personal level and discover how our values resonate with theirs based on what they share.

So… Why should I use social media marketing for my business?

All in all, especially in this era, having a social media presence for your business is crucial. Here’s a list of six reasons why you should do social media for your organization:

1. Build relationships

The primary purpose of using social media for your brand is to form positive relationships with consumers. Build a passionate community by interacting with them – respond to or ‘like’ comments, message back and promote conversations. When you engage with your customers, it makes them feel like they mean something to your brand. Doing so acknowledges that you see them and you’re listening, which in turn strengthens their brand loyalty. After all, we’re more inclined to continue buying products or using services from a company we like, right?

2. Increase brand awareness

Maintaining regular activity across your social media profiles helps make it easier for consumers to learn more about your brand and connect with you. It also enables more eyes to see you and become potential customers.

3. Provide individualized customer service

These days, many consumers flock straight to a brand’s social media account(s) when they have an issue. Why? Because it’s easier. According to a study by Ambassador, 33% of consumers would rather contact a brand through social media than by phone and if they don’t receive a response, 48% of consumers will leave the website. So, it’s important to use social media to acknowledge customer service issues, provide individualized solutions in a timely manner and increase brand loyalty

4. Understand your demographics

Every social media network has analytics available for business profiles. This data can help you better understand your target market by showing which posts received more engagement along with the median age of your followers, location and the timeframes when they are most active on the platform.

5. Discover new ideas

When you conduct social listening (monitor comments, mentions, etc.) you can gain insights into what your demographics are interested in and what they might like to see from you in the future.

6. It’s expected

At this point it’s expected for brands to have some form of social media presence, even if it’s just on one platform. Brands build trust through social media and not having an online presence at all, or having an inactive presence, can hurt your brand’s trust and credibility among consumers.

Get active on social

No matter what type of company you own and regardless of how seemingly boring it is, you should be using social media. If you’re thinking “I don’t have time,” asking “what’s the ROI?” or wondering “what should I post?” no worries! We’re dropping some knowledge below:

  • If you feel like you don’t have time, then make some. Carve out a few hours a week to build out a content calendar and schedule posts so you don’t have to worry about it constantly.
  • Just like with SEO, you won’t see an immediate ROI when you use social media marketing. And, it can be difficult to measure. According to Business 2 Community, 56% of digital marketers base their social success on website traffic.
  • Share content that reflects your brand’s values, strengthens your relationship with followers or helps position your company as an expert in the field. For example, post personal stories of how your products helped your consumers or articles that you can tie into your core values.

If you really feel like you don’t have any time to maintain an active social media presence for your business, or you could use a social media consultation, consider contacting a digital marketing agency like Epic Notion for assistance.