Take It Up One Level: The Key to Social Media Strategies

You’ve probably heard the advice that you shouldn’t talk about your company constantly or promote yourself too much on your Social Media channels, and that’s definitely an important lesson to learn.  But once you understand that, how do you go about building a passionate community? We always tell our clients to look up one level.

Sometimes you luck out and you’re in an industry that is a natural fit for social media. However, many times clients offer a service that might not be deemed as “sexy.” The goal is always to tap into passion. There are things in life that people are naturally passionate about. How do you find that passion and how does it relate to your industry?

Think about a company that sells sewing thread. How can you build a passionate community around thread? The first step is to ask a lot of questions of your client. What if that client had a real focus on the environment? If they have a eco-friendly thread and they are trying to target fashion designers, will posting announcements about their company work? No.

Take it up a level. Take it from thread to fashion… take it from fashion to green fashion. Then set up an interview series with green fashion designers and send free thread for these designers to use in their creations. That is how you tap into passion and create a passionate community.

Look at your own industry and take it up a level!