How to Write for an Industry You Know Nothing About

You never know what a new day will hold in the beautiful world of marketing. From digital strategy and market research to content marketing and social media management, there is always something exciting happening to keep you on your toes. But what happens when your company lands a client and you lack basic knowledge about their industry?

First things first: don’t panic!

Check out these tips to get on the path of success when creating content for any industry – yep, even the ones you know nothing about.

Research, research, research    

This one can’t be stressed enough. If you don’t immerse yourself in the industry you’re creating content for you’ll be in for a difficult road. Start by creating an excel document split into sections. These sections can be broken up into categories such as statistics, informative articles, videos and news. When you’re doing research on your client’s industry, add anything of interest to the excel document under the pertinent category. Before you know it, you will have a hefty list of content that can be used across social channels.

This type of research is also beneficial when creating topics for a client’s blog. How can you use what you gather to stay on top of industry news and create relevant content for your client’s business?

Know the company’s content goals

How does your client want their story to be told? Is it quirky and fun, or more serious and informative? Be sure you are asking these important questions right off the bat. This shows the client you are invested in the relationship and passionate about what you do. It’s no secret – in the world of marketing you can wear a lot of different hats. Your job is to find the “hat” the client wants you to wear and own it better than anyone else can.

Ask for feedback

In marketing, and life, it’s important to never make assumptions. Don’t assume the content you are creating meets the client’s vision. Especially in the beginning of the relationship, ask for feedback! Don’t deem this as a sign of uncertainty or weakness. This shows the client you are invested in the relationship and want to meet their needs.

Confidence is key

And last, but definitely not least – be confident! Content creation for an industry you know nothing about may be intimidating at first, but you know this stuff! After all, if you’re like us, you live, eat and breathe marketing 24/7 (and love every moment of it). Take what you have learned from your past work, add a unique twist and get started!

If you feel like you could use assistance in content creation, consider contacting a digital marketing agency (*wink* Epic Notion *wink*) for assistance.