Increase Your Website Conversions With Pop-ups

Raise your hand if you think a pop-up ad on a website is fairly annoying. *Raises own hand.* We get it. These ads can be distracting or intrusive if used incorrectly, however pop-ups produce solid results and do work if they offer value for website visitors.

Most importantly, a pop-up has to accomplish a goal. If it doesn’t, you’re likely distracting users away from the content you want them to be engaging with and creating unnecessary ‘noise.’ At Epic Notion we run pop-ups on several of our clients’ sites. Discover our top reasons we do so and our favorite pop-up tools.

3 Top Benefits of Using Pop-ups

Increased Visibility

Pop-up ads guarantee the attention of the user, even for a few seconds before the window is closed. Generally, a pop-up appears on the center of the page and the main content area is darkened.  Like them or not, these ads can’t be ignored.

Versatility of Use

There’s a nice range of pop-up ad formats available from collecting email addresses and other contact information, to traffic redirection to quick surveys. They also can be designed to display in different ways from appearing after a certain period of time, after a certain percentage of a page is viewed or when it seems a user is about to exit the site (known as an exit offer). Pop-ups can also display in a variety of formats with standard pop-up windows, sliders, or banners.

Improved Traffic Conversion

If used correctly, pop-up ads can offer a more personalized web user’s experience and therefore fit into any strategies you have for personalized marketing. With proper targeting, a pop-up can offer useful information to the right person, in the right place (such as a specific page on a website) and at the right time. If an ad is relevant to the user, conversion rate is likely to increase.

Our Favorite Website Pop-up Tools


AddThis is known mostly for its social share buttons, however this site which offers FREE website tools also offers list building and link promotion tools via pop-ups. The list building tool connects to many email providers including Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. The link promotion tool offers ads in the same formats as those for list building with standard pop-up windows, sliders, and banners.

All of the pop-up display options are easy to set-up and implement on a site. There aren’t as many display options available compared to other pop-up services, so this may not be the best choice for those that will want a more customized pop-up appearance. We like the range of targeting options that are available for devices, referring URLs, locations, display/hide on specific pages and more. As a free pop-up tool, AddThis can’t be beat.


Picreel currently guarantees that they can increase a site’s conversion by 25% or your money back, so you know there’s solid results to back up this product.  The platform offers pop-up services for the first month free and then requires a paid plan thereafter, with plans beginning at $14 a month. Like AddThis, the platform works best for link promotions and list building. Picreel connects to a number of email providers as well as CRMs and marketing automation tools.

The user interface is easy to use and a vast number of ‘help’ materials are available. There are a wide variety of display options available, allowing for pop-ups to be highly customized depending on one’s preference of appearance. There is access to HTML and CSS elements within each pop-up for full customization. For those that prefer to use an uploaded designed image as a pop-up ad versus a template available by Picreel, this option exists as well.  The sizable targeting options seamlessly follow the design options when setting up a pop-up, furthering the usability of this platform for any marketer.

Pop-up can be powerful tools on a website to increase conversions. What other CRO strategies do you currently use? Tell us more by contacting us today.