Epic Notion Acquires Kepler and Wilde, Expanding Strategic Marketing and Branding Services

Acquisition positions Epic Notion as a leader in digital marketing and branding services for SaaS companies & start-ups

Charlotte, NC February 3 – Today, Epic Notion is pleased to announce that the company has acquired Kepler & Wilde, a B2B Marketing and Branding Agency with headquarters in Charlotte and Durham, North Carolina. The move to purchase Kepler & Wilde first started in the fall of 2020 and was a strategic expansion for Epic Notion in the B2B SaaS market. The acquisition also positions the company as a go-to-market leader in the North Carolina start-up ecosystems.

“The acquisition of Kepler & Wilde perfectly fits into Epic Notion’s core mission, values, and long-term growth objectives,” said Epic Notion Founder and President, Scott Long. “By purchasing Kepler & Wilde, the Epic Notion team will continue to expand its already wide breadth of digital marketing, branding, and sales enablement services to NC companies.”

Vice President of Epic Notion, Mike Wall, adds, “Our agency is starting 2021 stronger than ever before. Epic Notion’s award-winning team, inclusive culture, and extensive services are the reason why we keep driving better results and new solutions for our clients.”

In less than two years, Kepler & Wilde founders Christy Harner and Tara Fusco grew the agency into the go-to source for technology companies looking to explore the edge of brand development while creating marketing strategies that exemplified customer-centricity and data-driven campaigns.

“The timing could not have been more ideal,” said Christy Harner, CEO and Cofounder, Kepler & Wilde. “It was clear that Epic Notion’s tenure was an excellent match for the impressive portfolio of SaaS clients Kepler & Wilde built over the last year.”

As Harner steps into a new role as the founder of a visionary company working to address the drastic decline of natural resources, Fusco will dedicate her time to writing and pursuing sustainable solutions for social and environmental issues.

“Our mission was to push companies to the edge, expand the mind, and empower businesses to look at marketing and their customers with a cognitive lens open to testing and true creativity,” said Tara Fusco, CMO and Cofounder, Kepler & Wilde. “I am honored to say we achieved our mission and helped companies across the country create unforgettable brands that are continuing to grow in what will be an unforgettable era in human history.”

About Epic Notion

Epic Notion is an award-winning full-service digital marketing, design, and development agency in Charlotte, NC. The company undertakes each project with a unique approach that goes beyond the “one-size fits all” solution. By creating memorable brand experiences and leveraging the power of an ever-evolving marketplace, Epic Notion empowers companies to identify and connect with customers in new, exciting, and profitable ways.

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