Holiday CelebriTree Names

Epic Notion HQ is ready for the holidays! We’ve been listening to festive tunes since the Monday after Thanksgiving, planned our holiday party, and drew names for the Secret Santa present exchange. Our last (and most essential element) was decorating the office tree, but after the last ornament was hung we realized it was still missing something…a name!

We came up with our top twenty celebrity-inspired holiday tree names (in no particular order):

  • Matthew McConaugtree
  • ChrisTreefir Walken
  • Al Patreeno
  • Anthontree Hopkins
  • Spruce Willis
  • Sigourney Treever
  • Liam Treeson
  • Tinsel Washington
  • Nick Noltree
  • Jennifer Jason Tree
  • John Treevolta
  • Morgan Treeman
  • Keanu Treeves
  • Awreatha Franklin
  • Leonardo TreeCaprio
  • KaTree Perry
  • Vin Treesil
  • Treeona Apple
  • Treena Turner
  • Justin Treeber

We haven’t settled on a name yet. Help us decide or suggest other names by tweeting to us or leaving us a comment on Facebook!