7 Marketing Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist Today

To become a trailblazer in the marketing field, continued learning is a must. Staying on top of news and trends within the industry will only help nurture your success. An easy way to stay in the know is through marketing podcasts. At Epic Notion, we’re a huge fan of podcasts. You can listen on your commute to work, at your desk or while working out at the gym. The following are the top seven marketing podcasts our team recommends adding to your playlist today.

Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu

The thing that sets apart Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s podcast from others is that they aim to give you actionable goals to tackle on a daily basis. Podcasts average less than seven minutes—making it easy to get the info you crave without a lot of meaningless chatter filling airtime. Topics mostly focus on digital marketing strategies and include themes such as search engine marketing, link building, lead generation, Google Analytics tips and tricks, keyword ranking and more. The hosts put a lot of emphasis on cutting costs and utilizing  inexpensive marketing techniques.

Marketing Over Coffee

The weekly podcast is recorded in a coffee shop with hosts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn discussing both traditional and new marketing strategies. Each podcast has a runtime of approximately 20 minutes and will touch on topics such as SEO, email marketing, social media networking and offline advertising. The hosts bring on guests frequently, many who have a track record of measurable success in the industry. With an expert’s level of knowledge in the field of marketing, Penn and Wall both offer advice on how to get improved digital marketing results that are sustainable.

Perpetual Traffic Podcast by Digital Marketer

This niche podcast was created to help listeners achieve a single, but vital marketing goal: generate more sale leads. A number of past episodes focus on how to design and manage social network campaigns effectively. Troubleshooting advice is given too; like how to turn clicks into conversions. Molly Pittman and Ralph Burns host the podcast and most episodes run under 30 minutes long. Although Facebook advertising is discussed frequently, YouTube, Twitter and Google Adwords are featured from time to time.

The Tim Ferriss Show 

Every year, the Tim Ferris Show is ranked as one of the best podcasts on the Internet. The basis of his podcast is to interview successful people from a variety of industries as a way to unlock the secrets behind their accomplishments. The podcasts are uploaded weekly and could run anywhere from one to two hours depending on the topic. Most of the formats are long-form interviews with the inclusion of practical tips you can use in your own life.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

This weekly podcast was created by the ultra-popular website Social Media Examiner. Hosted by Michael Stelzner, each episode runs for approximately 45 minutes. The host shares success stories and conducts interviews as a way to advise listeners on how to properly market their businesses on social media channels. Past topics featured include Facebook analytics tips, Instagram Stories marketing strategies, Twitter engagement tricks and YouTube rank building.

The Science of Social Media

The biggest draw of The Science of Social Media podcast is that the topics covered are useful to both newbies and experts in the field of digital marketing. The advice given is taken from well-established brand influencers. Hosts are published experts in the marketing industry including Neil Patel and Mari Smith. Many social media marketing podcasts tend to focus mostly on Facebook, but this one discusses YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and more at length. Episode times are typically under 15 minutes and full of actionable steps.


Copyblogger FM is a short-form podcast with a strong focus on copywriting, but also discusses other trending digital marketing topics. Themes of past podcasts have included traffic analytics, improved customer engagement, conversion optimization and SEO tips when copywriting. The broadcasts are hosted by Sonia Simone and have runtimes just under 20 minutes.

Our team of naturally curious digital marketers love listening to brilliant minds discuss the world of marketing. We want to know: What are your favorite marketing podcasts?