SEO Helped a Pest Control Company Exterminate the Competition

Before working with Epic Notion, Carolina Pest was working with another digital agency, but not seeing the results that they wanted. Our goal was to utilize SEO to increase keyword ranking, website visitors and leads to position them as a leader in the Charlotte market.

Increased organic website traffic by 2312%
Increased overall
website leads 430%
Increased keywords
in position 1-3 by 8x
Built up the success of the family business to sell to a national pest control brand

Cost-Effective Marketing Helped a Small Business Become a Market Leader

When we first evaluated Carolina Pest’s website and marketing campaigns we found their website was not highly ranked and was not converting at a high level. Most of their keywords were ranked on the second page of Google. They did not have the resources or budget needed to compete toe-to-toe with the big local leader, Killingsworth. This meant a very cost-effective, creative strategy was needed to rank in search engines and level the playing field against the local leaders and other national companies.

Local SEO to Outrank the Competition

In the first year partnering with Epic Notion, Carolina Pest was able to break into the top tier of the market. Both visitor and lead numbers experienced exponential growth. Not only that, they were able to gain a large percentage of business from Killingsworth, who was the pest control leader in the Charlotte area. As demonstrated in the chart below, Carolina Pest now surpasses Killingsworth in terms of ranking, leading to a considerable surge in website visitors and a remarkable increase in leads. Over the past six years, Carolina Pest has witnessed significant growth in website visitors.

(In the chart: Blue represents Carolina Pest, while Green denotes Killingsworth.)

As our SEO efforts started to bring more traffic and leads to the site, we noticed an increase in direct traffic year over year. This direct traffic shows how successful the brand has become that previous leads are now returning as direct users.

Increased Website Leads 5x While Reducing Cost Per Lead

Over the past few years, Carolina Pest has experienced a substantial increase in visitors, but what's even more striking is the remarkable growth in website leads and phone calls. The chart shows some peaks and valleys due to the seasonal nature of pest control; however, the impressive year-over-year trends are hard to ignore. We're seeing leads coming in on average at $5.50 when the industry average ranges from $35 - $65.

Epic Notion has generated such an abundance of leads for Carolina Pest that the focus shifted to recruitment as they needed to expand their team to manage the influx of leads. The significant boost in sales enabled the family-owned enterprise to sell to a larger national brand, which continues to collaborate with us.

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